Job In Gulf Air -Baharin/Gulf Countries-June 2018

Job In Gulf Air – Baharin

Thank you for visiting our Careers website. The following details will assist you in completing the online application form and understanding our recruitment process. The information provided is for our general recruitment process. Certain recruitment areas such as Direct Entry Pilots, Flight Attendants and Sky Chefs. Therefore, we have a dedicated section for each of these areas to include the supplementary information.- Job In Gulf Air – Baharin is given below.

Current Vacancies

Not at all like its bigger opponents, Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, which concentrate on travel traveler movement through their separate center points, Gulf Air has concentrated on indicate point traveler traffic.[6] The aircraft, which has endured money related misfortunes as of late, has a continuous rebuilding project to constrain working misfortunes and return it to productivity.

Our Focus is on building up an effective pool of human resources tuned to the airline business. Our Objective is to create one of the best working environments amongst the major companies in the Middle East and become an employer of choice. Our Strategy is to train and equip our staff with management, leadership and other essential skills so that they can contribute effectively to the success of the company and enjoy a long-term developing career.

Gulf Air recognises that people are its greatest resource and encourages talented people by creating long-term career opportunities. You are welcome to find the most suitable job for you in our list of current open vacancies.

Job Title Location
Direct Entry Rated Captains for Airbus BAHRAIN
Baggage Tracing Officer BAHRAIN
Aircraft Technical Cabin Technician BAHRAIN
Senior Manager Sales BAHRAIN
Airport Duty Officer-KWI KUWAIT